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Rolling Pet Ball - Rechargeable Smart Interactive Peppy Petball

Rolling Pet Ball - Rechargeable Smart Interactive Peppy Petball

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You LOVE your pets but you can't take them anywhere with you even if you want to. And when they're left alone at home, they can get bored and unhappy. 

Never leave your pets lonely again! Give them the best company while you're away. 


ROLLING BALL - Smart Interactive Pet Ball plays with your furry friend while you are out.

It's Interactive!

Rotates and flashes LED light to attract your four-legged friend's attention and once it is touched, it rolls away.

Changes direction automatically!

Because it's built with a collision sensor, it bounces back from obstacles such as walls or your furniture. It's a smart ball that knows how to spin away when it bumps into objects that never gets stuck in a corner. 


Just turn the button on and it's ready for action. This play ball rotates and moves around on its own. It's guaranteed to rouse your pet's curiosity and make them move around for good exercise. They'll have a quality fun time chasing this toy. 

Power Saving System

The ball automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of playtime. It's convenient when you can't watch your pets play. 

 colorful light change mode



Entertains your pet friend for 2 to 4 hours depending on how often your pets interact with them. When the battery is exhausted, charge it with the USB cable that comes with the package. It will just take two hours to fully charge the item.

Easy to Use


Name: Colorful LED Smart Electric Cat Toy
Color: white, pink, gray, blue
Material: ABS
Size: about 65*65*65mm/2.56*2.56*2.56in
Weight: about 110g
Charging: USB
Battery life: charging 2h, battery life 3-4h

Package Include:
*1 Cat Toy Ball
*1 Bell
*1 Feather

*1 USB

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