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Pull Ball | Keeps Your Dog Busy

Pull Ball | Keeps Your Dog Busy

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Do you want a happy dog without seperation anxiety?

It's easier than ever! The PullBall is the perfect solution for aktive dogs. The elastic ball can not only train the agility but also keeping your dog busy while your are away.

A lot of dogs need to kept busy all the time. Even more if they have seperation anxiety.

The elastic ball, tied to the suction cup, will keep your puppy busy while Mommy and Daddy are away.


Game Changer

No PullBall VS PullBall:

5 Proven Benefits

  1. Seperation Anxiety - Keep your dog entertained for hours.
  2. Agility - Due to a lot of motion and action you barky will train his/her algility.
  3. Healthy - Cleans the teeth while playing. li>
  4. Relexing - Give your arms a break and let the toy your dog enjoy.
  5. Easy To Use - Simply to install - Just squeeze the cup on a smooth ground.


    How To Use | 3 Steps

    1. Suction Cup - Squeeze the cup to the ground. For a perfect suction use a flat and smooth ground. You can optional wet the bottom of the cup.
    2. Playtime - Enjoy whatching your dog having fun.
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